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George Seper began his photographic career in New York City in the early 1970's photographing theatrical productions and portraits of actors. He travelled around the world in the seventies and set up his first studio in 1978 after having worked for three years as a photographer's assistant for the Creative Director of Vogue, Patrick Russell. During that time he also assisted the great Swiss photographer Hans Feurer as well as the legendary English photographer, Norman Parkinson.

George's own photographic work was concentrated initially on fashion and beauty and George was a regular contributor to Vogue, Mode Magazine, Cleo, GQ and Cosmopolitan. George photographed both men's and women's wear, as well as many Magazine covers. His advertising clients included the best fashion designers in the country.

Looking for other means of creative expression George began shooting food photographs for Vogue Magazine in the Early 1980's with Carolyn Lockhart; who was then both menswear editor and food editor of Vogue. His food photography revolutionized the way food was photographed, as he approached food with the eye of a fashion photographer and often worked with 35mm cameras hand held in natural light. This was a huge departure from the convention in the early 1980's. In the late 1980's George pioneered the short depth of field look in his food photography that has become the worldwide standard of how food is still photographed today.

His food photographs have since appeared in over 30 countries in publications such as Vogue Italia, Madame Figaro Paris, Gentleman's Quarterly, Martha Stewart Living, Gourmet, Gourmet Traveller, Vogue Entertaining and Travel and an array of Vogue and other magazines from Russia to Brazil. He has photographed many cookbooks and his advertising clients include Wedgewood, Royal Doulton, McDonalds, Sara Lee, Continental food products to name a few. He has worked extensively in London, Paris and New York over the course of his long career.

As well as a booming career in food photography, having left the fashion world behind in the mid 1980's, George also began shooting interiors for Vogue Living magazine in the late 1980's. He achieved great success in this area and has shot extensively for Belle Magazine, House and Garden, Home Beautiful, Better Homes and Gardens as well as for commercial clients like the Ritz Carlton Hotels, The Hilton Hotels, Qantas and Air Lanka airlines.

George took time off in 2000 and went on several extensive sailing trips on his yacht and returned to work in 2005 refreshed and inspired. He is currently working photographing a series cookbooks for Murdoch Books.

George is currently represented around the world by the Stock Food photo agency.

George has trained an army of photographic assistants over the years; many of which now have very successful careers of their own. He has decided to write this course in order to pass on his enormous wealth of knowledge on photography and on the business of photography. We are extremely excited that he has chosen The Photography Institute as the venue for teaching his unique skills.

When I enrolled with The Photography Institute, I had little knowledge of the technicality of photography and handling of equipment. All I carried was passion in my heart for photography that’s all, and it was just all over the place.

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